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Android Junkie and Geek

Being an Android user since its inception I was really excited by the openness of the whole platform, allowing the users to modify anything and everything in the phone. And since 2016, I've been exploring my way towards being an Android Developer by tinkering and playing around with the Framework, both as an App and a ROM developer.

In the past, I've worked with and a been a part of organizations like Udacity, Google, FOSSASIA and currently I'm working at Coding Blocks as an Android Developer and Instructor.

You can also look up my apps on the Google Play Store.

Recently I was also interviewed by Google as one of the first Google Certified Associate Android Developers in India.

Being an Open Source enthusiast, I also have open sourced most of the projects I've worked on and in my free time, I also actively contribute to open source projects of Firebase and CloudCV.

All this can be found on my Github.

I'm also an avid blogger and I mostly write tech articles related to mobile development and entrepreneurship. You can check some of them out down below

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